Invar, New industry wheel

As an IT enthusiast, with the localization and implementation of growth strategies in emerging companies, in addition to helping businesses grow, we are working to make a positive contribution to improving the daily routine of people's lives.
We are working to facilitate the future of our colleagues in various industrial, commercial and manufacturing areas. Inverter provides IT-based services based on organizational structure, improvement of human resources efficiency and elimination of errors in executive systems in various industries.

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One of the major achievements of Team Invar is to provide solutions in various commercial and industrial sectors with the aim of reducing organizational costs and increasing the efficiency of executive actions, which is important using IT-based tools and research and development in the fields of strategy, product And services, organizational structure and human resources, branding, marketing and advertising. One of the most appealing and appealing sections for Team Invar is the support of young and young people. By introducing the strategy and providing the infrastructure needs, we bring forward the ideas and bring to the implementation stage. Generating the basic need of our society today. Obstacles and problems in today's manufacturing sector can be solved using the techniques of production day and product supply. This will require the cooperation of the custodians of the manufacturing sector in various industries and guilds.


Services provided by Team Invar.


Train all members of the organization chart to inform roles and define the processes of each department

Research and Development

Carry out market research and feasibility studies of business development in the relevant industrial field

Developing an organizational strategy

Define road map, organization goals, paths to goals, perspective, and operational map

Information Technology

Using innovative solutions to meet industry needs

The Product

Definition of product, delivery method, product access, product participation from the market

Corporate identity

Definition of badge, organizational characteristics, visual identity, organization slogan and character

Marketing and Advertisement

Development of marketing strategy in both online and offline areas along with short and long-term targeting in the context of defined paths

Brand development

The ability to expand a product or service and turn a company into holding in different industries


The people who have helped today serve the community with modern experience and knowledge

Partner companies


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